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How transparent are your transport costs?

Insight into your cost structure is necessary to know what kind of profit you are actually making. We see ...

Can we help you?

Are you using a transportation management system? Then you're sitting on a mountain of valuable...

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Enjoy your summer holiday!

No company kilometres for a little while, just private kilometres to a nice holiday destination. We...

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Teamfun @Breda live

Breda live, the best festival in Breda. As a real Breda company, we had to be present here....

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Interview Route42 Mono Zakelijk

Safety is paramount at Mono zakelijk. In an interview with them, Max explains how data-driven...

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Still growing strong

Still growing strong! 💪 We are looking for a Customer Success Manager. After the ink of the...

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Newsletter Q2

More than ever it is necessary to have a grip on your organization. Grip starts with insight...

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We are hiring!

Are you a real deal maker? Then you should definitely take a look at this vacancy!

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Hackathon 2022

Put the Route42 smart heads together, give them a topic to break their heads about and see the...

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Data is crucial for survival in the transport market

Time is precious, especially in the world of transport, where margins are being squeezed. Add to...

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